Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friday Emails

{Elder Coleman has been able to email home on Fridays! Here are some of the latest emails}

Friday, OCT 30, 2009
oi familia! Modi que boo sta!

Eu faco come que chuva! Eu falo muito portugues! Eu sou grato pelo oportunidad servi a missionario!

Haha just made that up prolly didnt make sense. well anyways...all is good here. i am getting sick of it though. i just wanna be out in cabo verde. it feels like im in an ant hill with tons of ants running around. i cant take it much longer ha. only a few more weeks! thank goodness. so i am super stoked to see daniel.

umm so what has happened this week....not a whole lot. Elder Rasband came to speak. is he the one who came to our stake conference? the name sounds familiar so i was just wondering if thats what it was. he gave an amazing talk and so did his wife! i love sundays and tuesdays, sunday fireside, tuesday devotional. the best. So pretty much being a missionary is number one. haha.

me elder roundy (he is from arizona, not related to becky) and elder watts have some killer good times! we all make the best out of serving a mission and we all get along really well which helps a ton.

im loving the weather, i havent really needed the jacket, i thought it was gonna start getting colder, it sure seemed like it at least but all of the sudden it was beautiful weather again....works for me!

so i am now in mosiah chapter 6 in my bom reading. i have an hour to read it every day. i seriously think that hour is what keeps me going every day! i love it, its the best. dinner is at six and by that time it feels like its midnight and i just wanna crash. and i still have 4 hours left of the day. days are long. weeks are short.

i had a really cool experience on thursday, i dont know if i told you about the TRC but it is every thursday. it is what we prepare for the entire week. so far there has just been 15 minutes in portugues then teach a 35 minute lesson in english. well yesterday i was teaching and i had no idea what i was saying. i was just spitting the gospel. it was my first experience of doing something i had no idea i could do. this guy was asking questions left and right and i was answering every single one of them with a scripture to back it up. it was legit. it really showed me the power of the holy ghost if you work diligently he will help you out in that desperate time of need. i am trying to focus all of my work on Christ. it helps so much! and when i read in the book of mormon christ is in like every chapter its crazy i never saw that before. i can already see that my faith has grown so much stronger already. i love it. i cant wait to see how strong it is after two years!

so my teachers are speakin all portugues i think i already said that but i wanna expound on it a little ha. if we ask a question in english they just say "como" until you speak portugues. ha its funny but it really is hard. the language is sorta coming but not really. we have a thing called FSL "falo sua lingua" speak your language and we have to rate how much portugues we spoke during that day, manha e tarde e noite. muito triste haha its all good though i know it will come eventually if i just keep up the hard work.

well i gotta go get my clothes out of the dryer! i love y'all and miss y'all very much.

FALO!! (literal translation, SPEAK, my translation, PEACE!!!)

love ya fam! hope to hear from you all again sometime.


dont have to much fun without me

seja feliz, todos dias!


Friday, OCT 23, 2009
Hey fam.

everything is good here. i am having tons of amazing experiences. i cant wait to share them all with you. having the spirit with me 24 7 is def better than i ever imagined. so many miracles have already happened and im still at the mtc. its muito bem (very well) haha portuguese is awesome but hard to learn. its way better than english in the sense that it is way more beautiful (mutio bonito as my teacher would say, he went to cabo verde i dont know if i told you that so he is really helping me, he said they speak creole there its different then portuguese so i basically have to learn two languages.) oh well haha he still wears the pants that he had on his mission, you can tell because where his leg pits are it like purple because of all the sweat. so i am super pumped for that. i cant wait to sweat so much my clothes start changing shape, form and color. muito bom. i miss you all so much. but this place is awesome. i would serve my entire mission at the mtc, actually no i wouldnt. i am actually really sick of this place i just wanna go to cabo verde. ha its like the world is 5 steps away but i am stuck in this prison. nao bem. i am making tons of friends here. elders and sisters. i have two sisters in my district. my district has ten people in it. our zone is now about 100 people which is the biggest zone ever because of all the visas that arent coming through so all the kids that are supposed to go to brazil mtc are coming here. so kyle cooper is in my zone thats cool. i talk to him quite a bit. there are two elders and a sister in my zone that leave for cabo verde on tuesday. so i have been talking to them alot. in two more weeks our teachers wont speak anymore english to us. only portuguese. its hard to learn sometimes cause we have us trying to learn continental portuguese and others trying to learn brasil portuguese in the same room, same teacher at the same time. but its super fun. i love it. i miss you all.

love elder coleman. hope all is well at home. write often love ya


Friday, OCT 16, 2009
Hey whats up a familia!?

How is everything? i hope life in layton is treating yall well.
So i can write emails every friday. its my p day. i have so much to say but i am gonna try and shorten it up as much i can. my companion is awesome. we are starting to get along really well. my district is awesome. as well as my zone. we have so much fun together. one of our requirements is that we smile. so we are always happy. it makes everything so much better when you dont really have to worry about anything but the lords work. i really do love it here. its hard most the time but its so worth it! i am learning so much. The food is good. our main focus is using the preach my gospel. i wish i would have dominated that before i came cause we use it so much. its crazy. i am constantly learning so my brain is constantly going so i dont sleep much but i dont let it get to me. you guys know that. i just keep plugging along and am making sure i am having a good time. its killing me that i dont get naps. ha im used to taking one every day now im lucky to get one in the whole week. i am playing some basketball about 4 times a week. then on saturday we play softball. i love doing laundry here. its so easy. they have a color button and a white button. they should make them all like that. connor and trey i miss you a ton. i hope you guys are doing good in school. sydney i am really enjoying all the letters. its keeping me going. i loved the scripture you put with it. there is so much to tell you but i have so little time. i know how to pray and bear testimony in
portugues. mo di que boo sta is cape verdean language. it means whats up. i cant wait to learn creole it sounds way fun. 'yes' in portuguese is 'sim.' 'no' is 'nao.' its crazy but these spanish missionaries bore their testimony to me and i understood all of it and they have been here for 4 weeks so that awesome. i am loving my new first name. elder. it sounds so good. umm i am trying to answer all the questions. but i cant really think of anymore. i love you all. and i hope you guys are having some good times without me. stay sweet.

dont worry all is well here.

elder coleman

aka elder baller: thats what they have been calling me ha

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