Friday, July 16, 2010

Letter from Elder C. 7.9.2010

hi fam

manera ki nhos sta? ami sta fixe.

baptism tomorrow! woot woot!! good news no eh? her family are all members too so she actually has a chance of staying active so thats even better! my sunburn has already dissolved. neck peeled a little but it is alot tanner so thats sweet. i am pretty much black.

thats the thing with these people. you cant get them away from there tvs. they are like the most important thing to all of them. when we are walking aroun at like 8 at night thats all you see inside houses. just everyone gathered around the tv. its a sad sight. but i guess thats what the world is coming to right? i love technology, not as much as you, you see! there aint too much new here in cape verde. man it sure seems like time is flying though. i see all these people going home from their missions. and i am like gee wiz it seems like just yesterday you had 5 transfers left. but thats prolly how it is gonna go for me. fast. hopefully. i miss wendys. but i did find some frozen chicken nuggets that taste almost as good as mcdonalds so its not saying much but they taste good to me. and i make some fry sauce. pretty much my favorite meal as of right now. ha thats funny all of you are trying to lose weight. i thought coming out here to africa would help me lose weight, but i can see that isnt the case. it sure is hard to get out of bed at 630 for me. i am not really a morning person. i started waking up so i could do some sit ups, push ups but i like waking up at 7 better. its bad i think. but that extra half hour gives me some good energy to get through the day. although i do take a nap at lunch everyday and am in bed by 1020 every night. who ever thought that. i never even thought about going to bed until 11 or 12 when i was at home. now i cant even keep my eyes open past 1030, maybe its a sign of old age. dad you know what i am talking about :)

life is just normal now. it almost feels like i am going to be doing this for the rest of my life. like this is my life. that i will be here in cape verde for the rest of my years. its been 9 months. at times it feels like it has just been a few days since i left at others it feels as if i left 4 years ago. its crazy. but one day at a time for 15 more months and i will be back home. good stuff. i dont know if there is really anything new thats going on down here but let me think here for a sec.

well i am at the internet cafe and my time is straight up out so i gotta get this sent before i lose it ..l..

love yall
elder coleman

Letter from Elder C 7.2.2010


i am stayin in the office wit sargent more six weeks. not too excited but it will be aight. we got a few baptisms comin up in july so that will be good. sure has been hard finding new people that want to listen tho. we are working on it though.

we are getting three more american missionaries on this next monday. transfers are really crazy this time around. my good buddy Elder Wardell from bountiful has been AP the two transfers while i have been in the office. everyone thought he was stayin but he is going out to sal to train so that was sad. we have to take people to the airport on monday starting at 4 o clock in the morning so that is gonna be fun! all nighter!!! then we will just be running people around all day. the missionaries get to go to sal and santo antao the two isolated islands so that is gonna be sweet for them. hopefully after these next six weeks i can get out of the office so i dont have to be here in praia for my birthday. but we will see no eh...

the water doesnt always look like that. just every once and a while it turns nasty orange like that. its really gross. its life in the wonderful country of cape verde.

today was a pretty fun p day i guess. we went up to assomada. its bout 45 minutes from praia. there is this huge tree there! and i mean huge. so we climbed up in there got some pics. then we got to take this legit ride in the back of a dump truck. we were going on these really narrow roads of cobblestone that were like half destroyed and he was just hauling up them with us screaming rollin around in the back...good times. then we decided we wanted to go monkey hunting so we went and started climbing this mountain. we asked around and some natives told us in this mountain we could find monkeys so we headed out there. we started hiking, hiking, hiking and we got to the top and only saw one monkey. a new sunburn and one wild monkey, not really sure if it was worth it but i just went along with the rest of the gang. cool stuff. i will prolly be sending of my card here pretty soon. so you can see all this new up to date sweet photos.

after almost 20 years of life i have found out one thing and it is this....

life is like an amusement park, not just one rollercoaster but a whole bunch of them, some times in our lives we are stuck on a wild rollercoaster others are more mild but we just keep ridin them until we barf and that is death.

i am on a wild rollercoaster right now in my life....pray for me so that i dont barf. :)




ami n´ ta papia tcheu differente a go então se nhôs ka ta entendi nhôs podi pergunta, ja oubi? n´ ta kré oubi sobre nhôs bidas então nhôs skrebi tcheu kusa pa miml, ta bom então tchao tchao

Letter from Elder C 6.25.2010


good news i got that little package thing with the memory cards in it. seems like the mail system has been working pretty well lately. so thats good. and yes i did get a letter from amy wright, send my love and gratitude to her and that wonderful family. the world cup is crazy here. it was actually pretty sweet. last friday we were in the barber shop getting our haircuts while USA was playing it was the game they were down 0 2 at half and came back and tied it. we were in there when they scored the second goal and everyone was screaming at eachother. they stopped cutting our hair and were just like yelling back and forth. me and elder sargent were like just sitting there smiling, "yeah thats whats up, america rules again" haha so that was a good experience. i am pretty jealous of you all going to hawaii man you get to go to the paradise islands. i wish my islands were something like paradise, but unfortunetly they are not, AT ALL!

well the week was just normal. nothing to exciting. nothing to bazarre. but just tudo normal. we having been really focusing this last week on finding new investigators because alot of the ones we have now are going to be baptized her pretty soon and we are gonna have nobody to teach. so we have been knocking doors, contacts with everyone. if a person is shy, going on a mission is a good way to get away from that. man i will talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime now. it dont matter who. i just feel like talking to the whole world. the work has been a little discouraging though. its tough. but it is only possible with the hand of the Lord. i have seen ups and downs on my mission. i like what elder ballard said about missionary work. "if a missionary wants to be successful he can, think baptisms and you willl have baptisms." thats what i have trying to do lately. just try, try and try some more. as President Uctdorf said " try and keep on trying until that which seems difficult becomes possible, and then that which only seems possible becomes habit and a real part of you." i dont know if i already shared that with you guys. but i love it. well i really dont have much else to tell. just that the missionary life is good and that i miss ya a ton. but i turn that homesickness into hard work. at least i am trying to. President still doesnt have transfers completed yet. but i am almost 95% percent positive that i will be staying right where i am as the secretary. its aight i guess. i will love to stay to see all this baptisms go through. i think we should have 4 or 5 baptisms in the month of july. that will be really sweet.

well i am sorry it was kinda short this week but there is not a ton of new stuff to update you on.

one love

Elder Coleman

Letter from Elder C. 6/18/2010

hows life crackin

i am just chillin ya know. kickin it in the CVP. its aight. so i aint got tcheu (alot) of things to tell ya. it was pretty much just a normal week but there was something hilarious that happened that i will be willing to share and i think yall get a kick out of it.....

one day this week i think it was sunday. we had church, we ate lunch, and then we were going out to proselyte. we were walkin to our area. we hadnt walked that far when this lady stopped us. she had her hand out like she wanted me to shake it. so i did with the intention of making a contact right there, new investigator you know, it was sweet so she started talking. but she was just talking anything, this was crazy stuff! we started kinda laughing ya know because we found this psyco lady on the street rambling about how she prays every day and carries her cross with her whever she goes. she was holding me hand still from when i began shaking it 3 minutes earlier. elder sargent was busting up almost in tears. she was talking softly and then almost satanicly she said something that i didnt understand. she started talking about kissing and so it just got weird. i said we are late. we started walking away and then she said late are ya and started tickling me and then tickled elder sargent. we walked away but she followed us. she was chasing after elder sargent, he was all " run she is coming up fast!" and i looked back and she grabbed him ha he got away. so we just started running full on to get away from this completely pshyco lady. there were people laughing all around us. with looks on their faces like what the crap two church guys in ties running away from an old grandma. we got pretty far away and looked back. there she was still on the corner waving at us. i hope i dont have to see her ever again. comes to find out elder luke and his companion ran into the same lady the same day. we gave her the name of "the crazy tickly lady" so that was an experience if ya ask me! ha

besides that nothing too exciting went down this week. Neusa, that golden investigator is just as golden as ever. she has now taught us the first, second and almost the third lesson. yesterday she taught us about fasting so that was good. i almost wish she could walk and teach with us. we wouldnt even have to say anything during the lessons. that would be sweet. she has a great desire to bring her whole family unto the church as she said at the end of last lesson "i am not a member yet because i have not been baptized, but i feel like a member. i am hoping and praying that i will be able to get my whole family to come to this true church, little by little i know i can do it, right down to my mom who will be the hardes, but with the help of God i know that it can happen!" so that was pretty sweet. we actually started teaching her brother but he will be a little harder because he is a good soccer player and he always has games on sunday so he will have to give that up in order to go to church. but i have FAITH. so as of right now we are having quite a bit of success in our area we have 6 baptisms set up for the 10 of july, and Neusa on the 7 of august. it is awesome. because when i got here, we had a grand total of 2 investigators. one of whom we do not teach anymore because he likes weed, and the other is still coming to church but she needs to move out of her house, she is living with a man who doesnt want to talk with us at all. once she moves out she will be baptized but i dont see that happening any time soon. she doesnt think it is possible. so i am really hoping everything goes through with these baptisms. just like in Patim we are teaching alot of younger boys. like we have 4 with i baptism date who come to church every week, its sweet!

we pretty much had a complete p day today had to run to the airport for a second but no more stuff today. elder balls got transferred to sao vicente. me and elder sargent are getting along well. its good times. alright well i best be going. love yall!

Elder Coleman