Monday, December 14, 2009

First email from FOGO!

yo ma! tudo fiexe

umm all is well here. i love it! its seriously way better then layton utah. haha the people are so nice even though they laugh at me because i'm white, unfortunetly. i know its sad. but anyways all is good, no worries here. my bags are safe. it was a little difficult getting the bags to be 44 pounds to head to fogo, but it all worked out. my companion is native from praia...he speaks very little english but i am teaching him so he can get a good job after the mission. and of course he is helping me learn portuguese. we always teach in portuguese unless it is someone really old so it's really important to speak that before creole. the language is prolly the hardest thing for me. do you remember in st george there was that pool we called the cold pool and you had to build yourself up to jump into it.....yeah thats what the shower is like. thats seriously the worst part of the entire day! haha anyways right now i guess you could call it winter here so it actually gets pretty cold, prolly only like 45 at night but it feels like 7 degrees because during the day its like 85 haha but no its good. i am loving it! its so sweet just to walk and teach people everyday. yesterday was church...a little different than America. ha we leave our house at 9 to be able to walk there in time it starts at 10 plus we swing by some of our investigators houses to wake them up. then church is only 2 hours but everyone just stays and talks for like an hour then we all walk home together and so we got home at like 2 ha it was sweet and while we were walking home a little boy prolly 5 held my hand and was spitting creole to me, didn't understand a single word...i love it! the area i am in is brand new i am only the third missionary to serve there so its really good we have a lot of success. right now we prolly have somewhere around 25 investigators but its a small village away from the big town so everyone knows who we are. its tight. there have already been 5 baptisms and we have 6 set up for the 9th of january hopefully they are all ready. i don't speak the language at all but i just put a smile on, and the days are fantastic but when i try to speak is the funniest because they reply and i have no idea what they say! its so funny haha i just embarrass my self pretty much every time i talk its the best!!!! ha well anyways i prolly should get going. know that all is in good hands here. love y'all

elder coleman

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