Monday, May 3, 2010

Letter from Elder C. - 4.30.2010

well hello there familia

so another week has passed by. time is sure moving aint it. before you know it i am gonna be the elder on my knees begging my mish president to let me stay longer.

its been an alright week. we had zone conference that went really well. we are really behind on office work this week so we have had to miss a little bit of prosyliting time...which i dont like at ALL!!! but what can you do right. gotta get done what needs to be done. its life. es bida ha there has not been anything way sweet happening this week to tell yall about. lets see here....i am officially a cape verdean ha i cant talk english. i forgot how. so we found this nigerian in the road and were doing a contact with him so of course we were doing it in english. so i started talking and i was trying my best but portuguese and creole words just kept on coming out and elder balls was laughing his head off. lets just say the contact didnt go so well haha!

alright so we just had a legit p day. we went up to tarrafal with all the elders that work in the office. it was sweet. we climbed through this cave to get to a secret beach. a beach with BLACK SAND!! it was sooo sweet. i wanted to go swimmin so bad though so it was hard. but still a really fun day. plus on the way we saw all these pigs getting cooked. how they do it is just build a fire on the ground and throw the pig in. its so sanitary. ha

on the spiritual side. we are having a lot of success. the other day we were walking down the street there was these two boys 13 and 15 washing a car. i had a really distinct impression to talk to them. so of course i started spitting creole to them. we marked an appointment with them and we are now teaching there entire family the gospel. it is awesome. we work so hard to find families. and we pray to find families. and just because i was trying my hardest to listen to the spirit we found two really awesome investigators and are teaching their family!! its awesome. THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!! I WILL DIE PREACHING THIS WORD!!! I LOVE THIS PEOPLE AND THE CHANCE I HAVE TO BRING THEM THE TRUTH!!

oh did i mention we had 6 investigators at church!!! yahoo! it went from 0 to 6 in one week. it really made us happy to see that our long hard work is paying off. put two americans together in the middle of the ocean, give them a B.O.M. and without doubt some lives will be saved.

i love yall and want you to know that i have such a strong testimony of this gospel. before i was on the line, sometimes i crossed over to the dark side (ha), but with your help and many others i got out here. and i dont regret it for one second. this is the best experience in the world. i am learning such amazing things about my self and life in general, comes to find out i am a great cook, who would have thought. but i know without a doubt that this is the true church. the joseph smith in fact did see God and Jesus Christ and through the power of God he restored the church again back on this earth. that we have jesus, our redeemer always by our side to help us through life if only we do as Alma directs and put our whole trust in him. the path is dark and life is hard, but with the LIGHT we can do anything, we can walk anywhere. this mission is the hardest thing i have ever done, but it is sooooooo worth it. its seriously LEGIT! its great to be able to change because of difficulties. "by small things great things are brought to pass" by me and my little work that i can put forth amazing things are really happening. i am weak. but God is strong. i always feel him by my side pushing me along. what a great opportunity this is, if you ever talk to any kid wanting or thinking about go on a mission tell him not to worry and JUST GO!! because once you get out here there is no looking back. my testimony has strengthed more than it ever would have back at home working at the golf course ha...

love yall
stay sweet

elder coleman

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