Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letter from Elder C. 5.11.2010

sup fam

not much kusa happened this week. it was kind of a harder week. every week has its ups and its downs. the up for this week is.....are you ready.....9 INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH!!!!! tell me you love me! haha it was really amazing. miracles happen before my eyes everyday. the down for the week is that all those investigators that showed up in church either have problems or we havent been able to talk to them this week. but you know we just keep plugging along. i find it very interesting the way this country works. its almost as if time does not even exist. but time does exist for me, its not alot of time either, its time of only 2 years, which about half of that is gone, to do every thing that God wants me to accomplish here in cape verde.

when times get hard i have to just remember who it is that sent me here. just like in the amazing talk that Pres. eyring gave in preisthood session this last conference. "when times get hard or i get tempted i just say to myself, REMEMBER HIM" oh what a blessing it is that we have to be members of the true church upon this earth. we have the restored church, we have the book of mormon, we have repentance, we have all the saving ordinances we need to gain salvation. to ultimately live with God again. to me, all this is truly a blessing. to serve my mission in cape verde is also a blessing, somedays it doesnt seem like it, but as i try my hardest in the work and remember really who it is that sent me here on these islands, i too feel blessed to be here.

so anyways...
i havent seen much rain here in cape verde yet, but they say the rainy season is coming, but i think its just getting hotter and hotter everyday. the sun burns down to my inner soul it feels like.

people are going crazy over the world cup, not because its the world cup or anything but simply because its soccer. they love their futébol

we have a branch president, who is like a bishop but they still dont have a stake here in cape verde. just branches and districts.

kids that come to church....the majority of the church in cape verde is made up of younger people. but actual kids in my branch prolly a good 30 or 40 that are active.

ever since i got in praia i pretty much well stopped using my contacts. just wear glasses everyday. even if i put new contacts in every day it would hurt. so i gave up on them...

i dont got any cool stories this week. but just one thing thats awesome. the stick shift is coming really well! its only hills that i am having problems with now. so after i conquer them i will pretty much well be pro!!!!!

welp love yall, stay strong, never give up!

Elder Colémon

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