Friday, July 16, 2010

Letter from Elder C. 6/18/2010

hows life crackin

i am just chillin ya know. kickin it in the CVP. its aight. so i aint got tcheu (alot) of things to tell ya. it was pretty much just a normal week but there was something hilarious that happened that i will be willing to share and i think yall get a kick out of it.....

one day this week i think it was sunday. we had church, we ate lunch, and then we were going out to proselyte. we were walkin to our area. we hadnt walked that far when this lady stopped us. she had her hand out like she wanted me to shake it. so i did with the intention of making a contact right there, new investigator you know, it was sweet so she started talking. but she was just talking anything, this was crazy stuff! we started kinda laughing ya know because we found this psyco lady on the street rambling about how she prays every day and carries her cross with her whever she goes. she was holding me hand still from when i began shaking it 3 minutes earlier. elder sargent was busting up almost in tears. she was talking softly and then almost satanicly she said something that i didnt understand. she started talking about kissing and so it just got weird. i said we are late. we started walking away and then she said late are ya and started tickling me and then tickled elder sargent. we walked away but she followed us. she was chasing after elder sargent, he was all " run she is coming up fast!" and i looked back and she grabbed him ha he got away. so we just started running full on to get away from this completely pshyco lady. there were people laughing all around us. with looks on their faces like what the crap two church guys in ties running away from an old grandma. we got pretty far away and looked back. there she was still on the corner waving at us. i hope i dont have to see her ever again. comes to find out elder luke and his companion ran into the same lady the same day. we gave her the name of "the crazy tickly lady" so that was an experience if ya ask me! ha

besides that nothing too exciting went down this week. Neusa, that golden investigator is just as golden as ever. she has now taught us the first, second and almost the third lesson. yesterday she taught us about fasting so that was good. i almost wish she could walk and teach with us. we wouldnt even have to say anything during the lessons. that would be sweet. she has a great desire to bring her whole family unto the church as she said at the end of last lesson "i am not a member yet because i have not been baptized, but i feel like a member. i am hoping and praying that i will be able to get my whole family to come to this true church, little by little i know i can do it, right down to my mom who will be the hardes, but with the help of God i know that it can happen!" so that was pretty sweet. we actually started teaching her brother but he will be a little harder because he is a good soccer player and he always has games on sunday so he will have to give that up in order to go to church. but i have FAITH. so as of right now we are having quite a bit of success in our area we have 6 baptisms set up for the 10 of july, and Neusa on the 7 of august. it is awesome. because when i got here, we had a grand total of 2 investigators. one of whom we do not teach anymore because he likes weed, and the other is still coming to church but she needs to move out of her house, she is living with a man who doesnt want to talk with us at all. once she moves out she will be baptized but i dont see that happening any time soon. she doesnt think it is possible. so i am really hoping everything goes through with these baptisms. just like in Patim we are teaching alot of younger boys. like we have 4 with i baptism date who come to church every week, its sweet!

we pretty much had a complete p day today had to run to the airport for a second but no more stuff today. elder balls got transferred to sao vicente. me and elder sargent are getting along well. its good times. alright well i best be going. love yall!

Elder Coleman

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