Monday, September 6, 2010

Letter from Elder C. 9.6.10

hello family,

there aint nothing in the world compared to a mission. everyday is a surprise. everyday is different. everyday i learn. i grow. sometimes its hard. sometimes its fun. sometimes i want to quit and go home. and at other times i dont ever want to leave. its almost unexplainable (is that a word?).

the week was alright. had its ups and downs just like every other week. it wasnt easy but not necissarily hard. it was inspiring but at times disappointing. i feel good. our numbers dont show success during the week. but i feel as though i worked hard. we had two investigators in church, one will be baptized on the 25th of this month. also two less actives came. it was a good turn out. i wont complain this week. nothing to complain about. the Lord was with me this weeek. by my side every step of the way. it was great, discouraging, yes, but still good. i mean, i think i am changing and thats what counts right? i am a better person. definitely still am the crazy old me, but inside i feel different. just as the scriptures teach us that "the vessel must be cleansed from the inside to the outside." i can feel that change taking place. i want to be better. i try to be better. and improve in my daily life. i am FAAARRR from perfect. but i am in the process. our mission president in a conference talked about santification. what is santification? well according to the scriptures we learn that it is "a process in which we become pure through the gospel of Jesus Christ and His atonement." the word that stands out to me is process. life is a process. we go through rough times and smooth times. good and bad. sin and repentance. but everything we do is done in a process. we are here on earth and in the process of gaining eternal life, the greatest gift God has ever offered us. like i have said so many times is not easy, BUT IT IS WORTH IT!!

i still have a long time on my mission. at times it makes me sad, but today it makes me happy. i am willing to serve, at the moment ha. i know this church is true. i dont got no doubts within my body. i have had revelation after revelation given unto me putting a FIRM confirmation that this is God's church here on the earth. the life in brava is getting a little better, day by day. still am washing my clothes by hand, at the moment it is the worst thing about this place. still not a whole lot to eat, but i am falling back into the good old peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. can never go wrong there. healthy and satisfying. me and my companion are getting along better. this part is not easy. but i am trying to just do my best. sometimes its not enough and something he does bugs me but i just have to remember that he has a completely different life style then me. just gotta go with the flow.

it was crazy yesterday. we went to teach this investigator that got deported from america. we knocked on his door, he opened it and a strong smell of weed come blasting into my face. it was nice. he was high. but we still taught him. haha i was teaching about joseph smith and i paused looked at him and he said in english "dang (other word) you really think i can believe that, thats crazy talk man" haha i said nope its true, and you can know. "oh really, how?" haha never thought i would be teaching the gospel to the drunken and drugged but hey gotta do what we gotta do right. overall the week wasnt that bad. i kinda wish i could be at home at this time. sounds like a really fun time with the wedding at all. but hey we gotta make sacrifices in our life. like Jesus taught...we gotta carry our cross too. its alright. i am down with it. i will face anything head on because i know that i have Gods angels lifting me up, guiding me in all directions.

well fam. the time has come to an end one more time. nice talking to ya but i gotta get back to work. maybe sometime we will speak again. love you all. until next week. FICA FIXE O LA!!!!!!! HAHA N PODI PAPIA NHA LINGUA E NHOS KA TA ENTEDI! PERFEITO! TCHAU.

elder c fo rizzle ma nizzle

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