Monday, August 30, 2010

Letter from Elder C. 8.30.10

whats crack a lackin familia

life is....better. not the best, but better. cant ask for to much more. i decided to just change my attitude and things are getting alot better. on the boat ride back to fogo, there was a giant storm, it was raining. crazy stuff. instead of getting scared or annoyed i just decided to have a good time with it because its not every day you get the chance to ride on a little fisher boat in the middle of the ocean during a rain storm. so i stood on the back of the boat and i just sang my heart out. the boat is way loud so i can sing as loud as i want. it helped. i didnt get sick, eventhough the boat was crashing back and forth, forward and backward. it was awesome i sang everything from eminem to i know my redeemer lives. it was a blast. got to fogo soaking wet, but i didnt even care, just laughed at the whole situation. LEGIT. in fogo we did find motion sickness medicine so that helped on the way back to brava too. so things, as i said, are getting better. still not best.

i forgot to tell you last week but i did get all of your letters before a left praia. so that was awesome. THANKS! :) still havent gotten any packages but they will get here. i hope everything is going well over in L Town. i miss that place like crazy. i wouldnt mind giving up right now and coming back, but i wont. i will keep plugging along.

we are knocking ALOT of doors. its all we do. its hard. but just like the boat ride i just try to make it fun. i knock the door and put a giant smile on my face so when they open the door there is a tall white kid smiling at them. its hilarious. and sometimes i dont talk, i just look at my greeny companion waiting for him to talk. ha, but you gotta live life fun, or life aint worth it. i have been trying to remember one thing that my mtc teacher, brother schlappi said to me, "just have fun knocking doors, it is my favorite thing. its like christmas. every door is a surprise" haha i wish i could have that type of enthusiasm.

there aint alot of food here to eat. but i eat what i got. rice. rice. rice. rice. good.

sunday in brava was horrible. the most disappointing, heartbreaking thing i have ever seen in my life. i taught the elders quorom class, said an opening prayer, passed the sacrament and gave a 25 minute talk. the branch president called me 2 hours before church started to tell me to do this stuff cause he was stuck in fogo. it was awesome. psh.. there was a total of 20 people in church. i think like 5 or 6 adults. there is no order. there church building is a mess. there spirit cant dwell there. i am embarrased to invite people to church there. and i know why everyone almost here in brava is inactive. you just dont feel welcome here, and thats not right. thats not the way the Lord wants it. there is alot to do. alot of work. but we are trying our best. its not easy. and its not going to be easy but i am just pressing forward as best as i can. i am doing my best and i know when i do, i will recieve blessings from God. he is watching over me. i know he loves us and that he lives. we need to put our trust in him and then we can have happiness. real happiness. life is hard. but i really dont think he meant it to be easy. we need to learn. we need to grow. we cant grow or learn if everything is easy. i am grateful for all of you and your support in this journey. we still got one more year to go, but we can do it. it wont be easy. but we will grow from it. i know i am. i am a different person. i am being shaped into something....beautiful. and i am not ashamed of it. president faust said "we cannot convert beyond our own conversion" we first need to be converted in our own hearts before we can expect others to change. i love you family. hope all is well. dont got more time but know that i am ok and God is with us all....AMERICA RULES!!!!!!

elder coleman...the one. the only. the wild.

tchau tchau fo now

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