Friday, July 16, 2010

Letter from Elder C 6.25.2010


good news i got that little package thing with the memory cards in it. seems like the mail system has been working pretty well lately. so thats good. and yes i did get a letter from amy wright, send my love and gratitude to her and that wonderful family. the world cup is crazy here. it was actually pretty sweet. last friday we were in the barber shop getting our haircuts while USA was playing it was the game they were down 0 2 at half and came back and tied it. we were in there when they scored the second goal and everyone was screaming at eachother. they stopped cutting our hair and were just like yelling back and forth. me and elder sargent were like just sitting there smiling, "yeah thats whats up, america rules again" haha so that was a good experience. i am pretty jealous of you all going to hawaii man you get to go to the paradise islands. i wish my islands were something like paradise, but unfortunetly they are not, AT ALL!

well the week was just normal. nothing to exciting. nothing to bazarre. but just tudo normal. we having been really focusing this last week on finding new investigators because alot of the ones we have now are going to be baptized her pretty soon and we are gonna have nobody to teach. so we have been knocking doors, contacts with everyone. if a person is shy, going on a mission is a good way to get away from that. man i will talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime now. it dont matter who. i just feel like talking to the whole world. the work has been a little discouraging though. its tough. but it is only possible with the hand of the Lord. i have seen ups and downs on my mission. i like what elder ballard said about missionary work. "if a missionary wants to be successful he can, think baptisms and you willl have baptisms." thats what i have trying to do lately. just try, try and try some more. as President Uctdorf said " try and keep on trying until that which seems difficult becomes possible, and then that which only seems possible becomes habit and a real part of you." i dont know if i already shared that with you guys. but i love it. well i really dont have much else to tell. just that the missionary life is good and that i miss ya a ton. but i turn that homesickness into hard work. at least i am trying to. President still doesnt have transfers completed yet. but i am almost 95% percent positive that i will be staying right where i am as the secretary. its aight i guess. i will love to stay to see all this baptisms go through. i think we should have 4 or 5 baptisms in the month of july. that will be really sweet.

well i am sorry it was kinda short this week but there is not a ton of new stuff to update you on.

one love

Elder Coleman

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