Friday, July 16, 2010

Letter from Elder C 7.2.2010


i am stayin in the office wit sargent more six weeks. not too excited but it will be aight. we got a few baptisms comin up in july so that will be good. sure has been hard finding new people that want to listen tho. we are working on it though.

we are getting three more american missionaries on this next monday. transfers are really crazy this time around. my good buddy Elder Wardell from bountiful has been AP the two transfers while i have been in the office. everyone thought he was stayin but he is going out to sal to train so that was sad. we have to take people to the airport on monday starting at 4 o clock in the morning so that is gonna be fun! all nighter!!! then we will just be running people around all day. the missionaries get to go to sal and santo antao the two isolated islands so that is gonna be sweet for them. hopefully after these next six weeks i can get out of the office so i dont have to be here in praia for my birthday. but we will see no eh...

the water doesnt always look like that. just every once and a while it turns nasty orange like that. its really gross. its life in the wonderful country of cape verde.

today was a pretty fun p day i guess. we went up to assomada. its bout 45 minutes from praia. there is this huge tree there! and i mean huge. so we climbed up in there got some pics. then we got to take this legit ride in the back of a dump truck. we were going on these really narrow roads of cobblestone that were like half destroyed and he was just hauling up them with us screaming rollin around in the back...good times. then we decided we wanted to go monkey hunting so we went and started climbing this mountain. we asked around and some natives told us in this mountain we could find monkeys so we headed out there. we started hiking, hiking, hiking and we got to the top and only saw one monkey. a new sunburn and one wild monkey, not really sure if it was worth it but i just went along with the rest of the gang. cool stuff. i will prolly be sending of my card here pretty soon. so you can see all this new up to date sweet photos.

after almost 20 years of life i have found out one thing and it is this....

life is like an amusement park, not just one rollercoaster but a whole bunch of them, some times in our lives we are stuck on a wild rollercoaster others are more mild but we just keep ridin them until we barf and that is death.

i am on a wild rollercoaster right now in my life....pray for me so that i dont barf. :)




ami n´ ta papia tcheu differente a go então se nhôs ka ta entendi nhôs podi pergunta, ja oubi? n´ ta kré oubi sobre nhôs bidas então nhôs skrebi tcheu kusa pa miml, ta bom então tchao tchao

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