Friday, July 16, 2010

Letter from Elder C. 7.9.2010

hi fam

manera ki nhos sta? ami sta fixe.

baptism tomorrow! woot woot!! good news no eh? her family are all members too so she actually has a chance of staying active so thats even better! my sunburn has already dissolved. neck peeled a little but it is alot tanner so thats sweet. i am pretty much black.

thats the thing with these people. you cant get them away from there tvs. they are like the most important thing to all of them. when we are walking aroun at like 8 at night thats all you see inside houses. just everyone gathered around the tv. its a sad sight. but i guess thats what the world is coming to right? i love technology, not as much as you, you see! there aint too much new here in cape verde. man it sure seems like time is flying though. i see all these people going home from their missions. and i am like gee wiz it seems like just yesterday you had 5 transfers left. but thats prolly how it is gonna go for me. fast. hopefully. i miss wendys. but i did find some frozen chicken nuggets that taste almost as good as mcdonalds so its not saying much but they taste good to me. and i make some fry sauce. pretty much my favorite meal as of right now. ha thats funny all of you are trying to lose weight. i thought coming out here to africa would help me lose weight, but i can see that isnt the case. it sure is hard to get out of bed at 630 for me. i am not really a morning person. i started waking up so i could do some sit ups, push ups but i like waking up at 7 better. its bad i think. but that extra half hour gives me some good energy to get through the day. although i do take a nap at lunch everyday and am in bed by 1020 every night. who ever thought that. i never even thought about going to bed until 11 or 12 when i was at home. now i cant even keep my eyes open past 1030, maybe its a sign of old age. dad you know what i am talking about :)

life is just normal now. it almost feels like i am going to be doing this for the rest of my life. like this is my life. that i will be here in cape verde for the rest of my years. its been 9 months. at times it feels like it has just been a few days since i left at others it feels as if i left 4 years ago. its crazy. but one day at a time for 15 more months and i will be back home. good stuff. i dont know if there is really anything new thats going on down here but let me think here for a sec.

well i am at the internet cafe and my time is straight up out so i gotta get this sent before i lose it ..l..

love yall
elder coleman

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